What is Fields of Faith?

Fields of Faith is a student led event.  Students invite, pray for, share with, and challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ.  An athletic field provides a neutral, rally point where a community can come together.

Why Fields of Faith?

A Movement to . . .

Opportunity for students to stand together share their faith.

 . . . Change a Culture . . .

Our world is filled with pressures and temptations.  We need to stand our ground.

. . . In a Community

At a field on your campus with your peers and members from your community.

It’s time to get in the game and get in the book!


The strength of this movement will be in the churches. Our message can be agreed upon by most of the evangelical denominations. What is that message? We are Christ-centered and Bible-based. The Bible is God’s Word and will guide you to a meaningful life if you follow it with all your heart, soul and mind, and Jesus is the only way to God. If the rally is viewed as a one denomination event, it will be severely limited. This is one of the reasons why we suggest that no youth ministers or pastors speak at the event if possible. We want the rally to be neutral in its location and program. There needs to be an attempt to promote the rally with all Christian churches.


An Inspired Start

In 2002, Oklahoma Fellowship of Christian Athletes Area Director, Jeff Martin, prayed about what to do with his heartfelt frustration regarding the temptations and spiritual battles facing our more “spectator generation” youth. God led him to 2 Chronicles 34 for the answer. King Josiah, an influential teenager, gathered his people and challenged them to read God’s Word. As a result, they changed their culture.

Going National

In 2004, The Josiah-influenced dream came true when more than 6,000 students gathered on school athletic fields throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas for Fields of Faith. Through the student led events, more than 100 students made decisions for Christ. Since that day hundreds of thousands of people have attended Fields of Faith and thousands have accepted Christ.

Release Extraordinary Influence With Ordinary Volunteers

In Empower, Jeff Martin drills into four key principles that were unearthed from an event he founded in 2004 called “Fields of Faith” that focused on giving ordinary people the microphone. It has impacted and united millions of people, thousands of volunteers and countless community organizations. How was he able to lead this movement? How can you lead a movement? Empower will give you the four keys—value, simplicity, commonality and ownership—to lead a movement of your own.

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What do I do now?

Are you a student who just wants to attend?  Are you a parent who just wants to learn more?

Attend a Field

Are you a student who wants to help lead this event?  Are you a pastor or an adult who wants to make an impact?

Host a Field