Host a Field

Are you interested in bringing Fields of Faith to your campus?  Many others across the country have taken the first step…let’s get started!

What typically happens at a Field?

Fields of Faith Introduction. (Leadership Team)
Prayer. (Student Leader)
Reading of 2 Chronicles 34:31. (Leadership Team)
Impact Student Testimonies. (Student Leaders)
Impact Adult Challenge. (Adult Leaders)
A closing challenge by an Adult Leader. (Youth Pastor/Adult Leaders)

Note about Worship:

A worship band isn’t required. Some fields choose to use a band and that is perfectly fine.  Fields of Faith isn’t a concert, it’s a night where the word of God is read publicly and students are challenged.

Student Leader

You are the driving force in helping to bring Fields of Faith to your area. Without your passion and commitment the Field won’t take off.

  • Hang signs and posters inside your school.
  • Take advantage of your position as a student to get the word out.
  • Support Fields of Faith by wearing official gear.
  • If you are going to be giving your student testimony use the Student Testimony Manual.

Adult Leader

You work alongside the Student Leaders and Youth Pastors to help bring Fields of Faith to your area. You are a supporter.

  • Help select your Impact Students, who will speak at your event.
  • Working with your school(s) / church(es) / business(es) to promote your Field.

Youth Pastor

You will provide spiritual direction and you will help bring together churches in the area and rally support around your Field.

  • Help unite area pastors and churches around your Field
  • Help select your Impact Students and Impact Adult, who will speak at your event.
  • Deliver the Impact Student and Adult Manual to each Impact Student and your Impact Adult Working with your school(s) / church(es) / business(es) to promote your Field.

Note for Youth Pastors

You will act as the spiritual barometer of your Field and ensure that the three key components of Fields of Faith come to fruition.  The three key components of Fields of Faith are: bring many people together at one time, students read Scripture and share personal testimonies, and students challenge fellow students to read the Word of God and come to follow Jesus Christ.

Your position in the community is why your influence is so important. You know your students, other youth group students, area churches, schools and a variety of community contacts. By bringing everyone together for Fields of Faith, regardless of denomination, you can maximize the reach of your Field. When churches in a community unite for a Fields of Faith rally, the potential spiritual impact is tremendous!

Your Leadership Team

Your Leadership Team must be created and is a vital part of bringing Fields of Faith to your area.

Forming Your Leadership Team

The size of your team will reflect the size of your community. Here are the basic people to target:

  • Key youth pastors in the community
  • Several student leaders
  • Several adult leaders

Identifying people for your Team is important. Pray and identify the people in the community that have their finger on the pulse of youth ministry in the area. These are people who are “connectors” and are knowledgeable of the youth culture in the area. Examples are youth pastors, teachers, coaches, parents, etc.


  • Help Create/Join your Fields of Faith Leadership Team Pray for event
  • Attend Leadership Team planning meetings
  • Review the website material
  • Help reserve your Field or Indoor facility
  • Spread the word
  • Promote your event on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using #FOF
  • Ensure your Team has a “Follow-Up” plan in place after the event
  • Help or Attend Your Field

Your Rights

Are you running into roadblocks?  Concerned about legality?  Questions about rights?

Learn about Your Rights

Before Your Event

Here are some steps you should complete before your event. These steps might be the same for everyone in your Leadership Team.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Familiarize yourself with Fields of Faith by reviewing content of the website.
  • Strategically build your leadership team.
  • Host regular planning meetings with your leadership team.
  • Reserve a field and indoor facility.
  • Plan your Fields of Faith program.
  • Choose impact students to give testimonies at Fields of Faith.
  • Choose a single impact adult to give testimonies at Fields of Faith.
  • Deliver the student/adult impact manual.
  • Invite and/or partner with churches.
  • Invite and/or partner with other schools in the area.
  • Order the t-shirt for the event.
  • List your field on the Fields of Faith website.
  • Prepare for follow-up for after the event. (With 21.5 Days With God or Commitment Cards)
  • Get the word out by Promoting Your Field.

Day of Your Event

For most Fields, your event will be held in the evening. You’ll have things you’ll have to do to prepare for your event.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray for your event. (Planning/Attendees/Leadership Team).
  • Make sure your Impact Students and Impact Adult know the schedule of your program.
  • Finalize the technical setup (sound/A/V) and the weather plans (indoor/outdoor).
  • Ensure you have all the needed follow-up materials (commitment cards, pencils, volunteers, etc).
  • You can support Fields of Faith by wearing official gear.
  • Attend your Field and be available to talk with attendees afterwards.

After Your Event

With Fields of Faith over it’s time to tell your story and share what happened on your Field! Your report is vital! This is where the scope of what God has done across the country takes center stage. It is your chance to unite and encourage thousands across the country!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray for those that attended your field.
  • Go to, find your Field and post your story.
  • Post stories using #FOF to social media.
  • Log on to your field and post your story on your field page.
  • Make sure your Adult Leader or Youth Pastor has reported the results of your Field.
  • Invite those that came to your event to other FCA (or other ministry) events.

Ready to get started?

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