Attending a Field

What will happen at a Fields of Faith event? The event should start with prayer.  Then, students will be sharing their faith testimonies. After this, students will be challenging their peers to read the Bible and to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Typically a Fields of Faith event lasts 45 to 90 minutes and is open to all people of all ages.

Student Role

Pray for the event.
Spread the word.
Tweet about the event: #FOF
Instagram photos of the event: #FOF
Attend your event.
Consider getting more involved.

Adult/Parent Role

Pray for the event.
Encourage your children/others to attend the event.
Spread the word.
Promote on social media: #FOF
Attend your event with family and coworkers.
Consider getting more involved.

Find a Field

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Your Rights

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After Your Event

With Fields of Faith over it’s time to tell your story and share what happened on your Field!

Discuss the event with someone.
Read the Bible and encourage others
Find your Field and post your story

Encourage others to share their story
Discuss on social media with #FOF
Post photos and videos