Fields of Faith was one of the most amazing things I've ever been to.
So many people were all able to worship God, at our school, in front of
everyone. This is a wonderful event that all states and schools should
try to start.


God is up to something HUGE here as the students are searching and
hungry for the Truth. There is no limit to what God wants to do in the
lives of HIS students, if we only allow Him to.


On Monday morning I read 2 Chronicles 34. That night I started going through the FCA Impact Adult manual that I had received. This was the first time to learn about Fields of Faith and How Jeff Martin was led by God. This was no accident. I believe this is a God thing.


We are ready to see the Lord use this moment to launch a season of
revival that will bring many students to a saving relationship with
Jesus! All of the Youth Ministers here are networked and committed to
serve together in unity!


We totally rocked Fields of Faith!! It was such an amazing experience
to see so many teens there, so much more than I expected! Most of them
were really into the worship and what we had to say with the testimonies
and scriptures! God is AWESOME!