How do I get a field at my school?

Visit our Host a Field page. Essentially you’ll form a leadership team, register your field then promote and plan your event.

When are T-Shirts available to purchase?

They will most likely go on sale in August. If you subscribe to our e-newsletter you will receive information as this date gets closer.

Can we do this at my school?

Yes! Read your rights here.

When is Fields of Faith?

Fields of Faith is on . It’s always on the second Wednesday of October.

Why do we have it on Wednesday night?

There are many reasons we have Fields of Faith on a Wednesday night. First, Thursday and Friday nights are often game nights for high school football. Second, Wednesday night is a church night for many churches. We don’t look at this as a negative, but as a positive. It let’s the Christians of a community unite for it’s community, regardless of denomination. There are churches that actually lock their doors on a Wednesday night and put a up a sign that says, “We are at the football field for Fields of Faith. Come join us!”

Can we do it another night?


What time do fields normally start and how long do they normally last?

They can start at anytime and run any length. However, most fields start around 7-8 p.m. and run about an hour.

If we don’t have an FCA at our high school can we still have a field?

Yes. There are other ministries that have helped sponsor this event at schools that do not have FCA Huddles.